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Phi Brows

Why choose “Phi Bold Brows”?

  • Extremely natural looking result, where the microblading strokes mimic eyebrow hairs.The strokes are drawn in the direction of your natural hair growth giving the most natural look possible 

  • Only high quality, organic, non-toxic pigments are used

  • Pigment does not change colour over time

  • Phi Brows uses a principle called “Golden Ratio” (1.618) which determines exact measurement of eyebrows to match with the face and bone structure of each individual

  • Gives a long lasting result (can last up to 16 months)

  • Boosts self confidence

  • Saves time in the morning so perfect for people with a busy lifestyle



Microblading is a method of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, it is done with a blade (a series of tiny pins). The hand tool tattooing method is a manual way of carefully implanting pigment under the skin, creating fine hair strokes.


This natural effect is lovely for those with fine natural hairs or with areas of sparseness or simply over plucked brows.


Microblading is suitable for most people with normal to dry skin.


*Microblading treatment is not recommended for people with very sensitive and/or textured skin, people who suffer from rosacea, and/or people who have extremely oily skin.

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