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Total Treatment Cost: £225.00
(this can be spread across x3 installments)

This includes 3 treatment sessions, as below.


• Consultation

◦ 30 minute appointment

◦ To discuss the various components involved in microblading, the shape & design of the brow, pigment colour, skin type analysis, medical history, consent paperwork and pre & post treatment care

◦ Patch test included…this is required at least 48 hours before your treatment


• Treatment

2-3 hour appointment

◦ Microblading process will take place

◦ Post care advice and cleaning & healing products will be provided


• Top Up

◦ Approximately a 1 hour appointment

◦ This should take place 5-12 weeks after your initial treatment

◦ This top up will be done to fill any areas that haven’t held pigment or need filling (Further top-ups are charged at an additional cost)

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